Campus Life

Morehouse Men become leaders through a residential college experience that includes a campus community teeming with life. Meet and be challenged by people from around the world who come to study at the institutions that make up the Atlanta University Center Consortium—Morehouse College, the Morehouse School of Medicine, Clark Atlanta, and Spelman College.

A thriving environment

Morehouse Campus

A Morehouse education gives equal emphasis on intellectualism, social responsibility, and manhood. Lectures, seminars, and conferences, along with a plethora of student organizations, social events, and athletic activities, mean that life on campus is always exciting and engaging.

As a residential college, where all ideas can lead to transformative dialogue, Morehouse is an opportunity for potential and possibility to become purpose, scholarship, and leadership.

As dynamic as the campus is on its own, Morehouse is a part of two other vibrant and diverse communities. The first is the Atlanta University Center, the largest consortium of Black colleges and universities in the world. Other member institutions include Spelman College, Clark Atlanta University, and the Morehouse School of Medicine. Students regularly intermingle in cross-registered classes, seminars, and social events, further expanding their exploration of knowledge and life itself. Students of the AUC find themselves within a vibrant community of learners, artists, and top students from around the nation and the world.

The campus is located in the historic West End community. It is only minutes from downtown Atlanta, a center of Black professionalism that features major entertainment and sports venues.

The West End is an active and diverse community made up of differing socioeconomic, cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. The young professionals and families who make their lives here are enthusiastic about our community.