We established brand guidelines for colleagues and partners to use when developing collateral and communications.


Review and use our Morehouse College Brand Guidelines when using the Morehouse logo, typestyles, and colors. This guide contains strict standards designed to reflect a clear and consistent image of Morehouse. It also allows individual departments and offices to adopt different, more individualized looks when communicating with their own internal audiences. By complying with its specifications, you help project a clear, unifying image for Morehouse as a whole.


The preferred typefaces for text are DIN Pro, Alternate Gothic, and Adobe Caslon Pro. These typefaces were chosen for their strength, modern design and readability. Electronic versions of all typefaces (macOS and Windows) are available through marketing and communications at (404) 215-2680.

DIN Pro is the voice of our brand. DIN Pro is used primarily for headlines. It may also be used for concise pieces of secondary text.

Alternate Gothic is used exclusively for headlines.

Adobe Caslon Pro is available on virtually every computer. Consider it your workhorse for deliverables such as Word documents, emails, and PowerPoint presentations. It is also to be used for extensive amounts of text, charts and tables.


The following logos are available for use in accordance with the brand guidelines. The Morehouse seal is only available for use by the Board of Trustees and President. Each logo download contains several approved color variants including, PMS 202, black, and white.


Morehouse College Logo

The Morehouse College wordmark is used to encourage instant recognition with our audience by maintaining a consistent look. The logo has two elements, the Graves Hall cupola and the wordmark. 

The tower expresses our love for, and pride in Morehouse College. Its structure reflects the high standards of the College, as well as its architectural landmark. Do not attempt to recreate this graphic. The tower should always be used with the wordmark Morehouse College. It should never stand alone as representative of our identity. It can be used as a discriminative graphic element within a page layout.

Our primary wordmark is the main identifier for Morehouse. The wordmark may be used with or without the cupola.


File contains cupola with wordmark and standalone wordmark


The vertical Morehouse logo may be used in the same way as the horizontal logo. A variant without the cupola does not exist. Use the wordmark with Morehouse College in the horizontal download above. 


There are two versions of the collegiate logo, one with the Morehouse wordmark and one without. They may be used in similar fashion to the Morehouse logo. The M may stand alone. EPS, JPG, PNG 
The collegiate logo may be used in similar fashion to the Morehouse logo. The M may stand alone.  EPS, JPG, PNG