Photography and Filming

Photography and Filming

Filming and Photography

Our historic campus in the heart of Atlanta is a popular location for Georgia’s film and TV industry to shoot independent film, feature films, TV shows, and online programs.

The campus, our architecture, and the Atlanta skyline make a great backdrop for commercial filming with easy access to the greater Atlanta Metropolitan Area and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Because of the global pandemic we have suspended on-campus filming and photography to ensure the safety of students and visitors. See our guidelines below for future reference.

Photography and Filming (Commercial)

Campus agencies that may be affected by a film project, including security, grounds, and academic divisions, depend on our External Relations team to screen all requests and confirm arrangements. 

Obtaining approval

Large-scale film or photography projects can only take place with the written permission of the college. The production company must ensure the college has at least eight weeks for consideration of any proposed filming. 

Initial inquiries should be emailed to Kennard Garrett at 

Once approved, the proposal is turned over to a campus liaison who serves as the point of contact for the production company and location manager on the logistics of the production. 

The following additional information is required by the campus liaison before filming begins:

  • Details about the scale of the production in terms of personnel and vehicles
  • Proposals to use special effects, rain or snow machines or stunt work on public footways or carriages
  • Proposals to alter or disguise property
  • Detailed plans for any pre-filming recces. Please note that all such recces must take place in the company of a college representative and only the specified locations noted in the contract may be visited.

A signed contract that outlines the terms agreed upon between Morehouse and the production company is necessary to begin production. Any rental fee for the use of the college’s property must be pre-paid.


Most areas of the campus may be used for filming. However, all locations must be properly vetted and approved by the college. Prior to filming and at a minimum of seven business days prior to the desired date, a representative of the production company must walk through the desired location(s) with member of the External Relations team from the college.


The location fee is based on a half-day/full-day rate system. The time coverage by the agreement begins when the first production vehicle arrives and ends when the last one leaves on the day of the shoot. 

We will assist the film company with scouts, securing permission to film from various campus agents, handling contract negotiations, and assisting the cast and crew on the day(s) of filming. Charges for these services are listed as an administration fee on the invoice. 

Fees for campus services (security, custodial, etc.) are separate. 


The Morehouse campus has served as the backdrop and inspiration of countless photo shoots, videos, web series and feature films.

We used the Morehouse College campus in Atlanta as a location to re-create the exterior of [the] Langley campus.

Wynn Thomas, Production Designer of Hidden Figures